Web Designing

We provide professional web design services to small businesses and individuals. Please check our gallery page for examples of our design work and the Features and Pricing page for additional information on our web design services.




Social Media:

Where do you start? You’ve heard the buzzwords – listening, engagement, community, authenticity – but what does it all mean? How does any of this apply in the context of your organization? How do you capitalize on these new communication channels in ways that make sense for your company? If you’re asking yourself these questions, or your team is confronted with getting started on the social web, Sewell can help. We’ll help you create a strategy that covers everything from the very beginning pieces of listening to what’s being said about you on the web, to more advanced social media involvement like engaging with your industry peers in expanded online discussions. We can help you find a grid of social media resources, bucketed into listening, measurement, and engagement categories for your brand, competitors, and industry. Contact us to find your organization’s bearings on the social web and you will be ready to move on to the next level


Find out more about our Social Media Program, please call (917) 622-1066