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File Prepartion:

Steps in the Design Process

  1. The Consultation & Audit. Bring us your ideas, rough drafts, sketches, art/photos/logos, digital files, and samples of printed pieces you like – and don’t like. A consultation with our on-staff designer/editor will include discussions about (a) the nature of the business/organization; (b) the intended market or reading audience; (c) the results desired from the printed piece; and (d) the “personality” you would like the piece to impart. To provide an accurate cost estimate, we will discuss the size of the printed piece, paper stock, quantity, ink color(s), folding, etc.

  2. The Cost Estimate. Based on information obtained during the consultation, we will prepare a cost estimate that will help you make the best decisions on variables like quantity, ink color, paper, or design complexity.

  3. The Design Proof. Once the “manufacturing specifications” have been determined, the designer will prepare one or more professional layouts for your review. With thorough preparation and communication in Step #1, most likely you will approve one of the layouts, and your project will move on the Printing Department. If you need to make revisions, you will indicate the changes on your proof copy, and another round of layouts will be prepared.

  4. Approval to Print. Upon approval of the proof copy, your project will proceed to art preparation and printing.

File Preperation Guidelines
File Preperation Checklist and Form



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