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What Is Photo Retouching?

Photo retouching is the process of enhancing an image. In today’s terms, it usually involves making changes to an image using photo editing software. Subtle changes can refresh and enhance an image and make it look better for display and sharing.

For example, a common image retouching technique is red eye removal. When light reflects off the back of the eye, it can sometimes show up in a photo as a red glow in the eyes. A simple retouching of the area restores the original eye color, making the photo more true to life.


Single image retouching rates:

For retouching quotes, please email a link to the photo you’d like to have retouched to putmaster@gmail.com. Please also include a list of some of the specific things you would like addressed in the retouching of the image. Putmangraphics will reply to your email with an estimate for the work based on your list of items you’d like addressed. If you’re not quite sure what you’d like done to the image, that’s okay too, just let Putmangraphics know!


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